Authentic. Proper. Premium.

No Sugar or Sulphites Added. Gluten Free. Vegan. Delicious.

Why the “Y”

The word Cyder comes from an old English saying “made from a single pressing of vintage fruit and is 100% juice.”

Crafted from only hand-picked heritage apples, without any added ingredients, slow fermented and aged, then blended to perfection, our cyder embodies traditional English cyder-making expertise and techniques that produce premium results and earns Duntroon Cyder House it’s “Y”.

Off-Dry All-Natural

Standing Rock

Standing Rock is one of the official flagship cyders of Duntroon Cyder House. It was named after a local landmark along the Bruce Trail that without it’s existence, Duntroon Cyder House may never have been brought to life!

A classic English style cyder, it delivers a fine amber coloured finish that is off-dry, crisp, clean and refreshing, with a delightfully true apple flavour. Made with Ontario heritage apples, it boasts a naturally fruit forward taste and offers hints of baked apple, butterscotch, fresh grass, and a citrus ting tang.

It’s easy to drink and is styled as a light session cider for sharing and enjoying with friends at home, the cottage or in the pub.

Per 473ml can:

  • 4.3% abv.
  • 7.6 – 8.5 grams of sugar

Rhubarb Infused Off-Dry All-Natural


Raindance is also a flagship cyder, receiving it’s name after a severe drought plagued the Duntroon area. Reviving an old farming tradition, the Schneider family celebrated the eventual rainfall by dancing in the rain amongst the estate apple trees.

A classic cloudy, English farm -style cyder infused with REAL rhubarb, Raindance serves up a crisp, light and slightly tart flavour with notes of citrus, tang and a slight essence of rhubarb, leaving a perfectly cleansed refreshed palette.

A great starter or session cyder, it is ideal for entertaining and sharing on hot days over ice or even with some frozen raspberries. But remember, this cider is cloudy and needs to be “roused” to get the full experience. Turn upside down, shake gently, pour and enjoy!

Per 473ml can:

  • 4.3% abv.
  • 6.6 – 7.6 grams of sugar

Clear Dry Organic

Net Zero

Net Zero is a cyder born out of our mission to become fully self-sustainable and carbon neutral. It is the first of the Duntroon Cyder House line-up to be entirely organic and void of any sugar, producing a cyder you can enjoy guilt-free!

Using a blend of organic heritage cider apples from our estate orchards, Net Zero is fully fermented to dry and aged for over 12 months, creating a balanced and surprisingly thirst quenching cyder, with a refreshingly smooth finish.

Lightly filtered giving you a pleasing amber colour, it delivers fruity aromatic notes with fine chains of tight carbonation and a clean, satisfying dry cessation.

Per 473ml can:

  • 6.0% abv.
  • 188 calories
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 2 grams of carbs

Hazy Dry Organic

Hazy Daze

Hazy Daze, like it’s sister cyder Net Zero, is also organic and sugar-free, however, it carries a hazy appearance. That haziness is precisely what yields it’s true all-natural farm cyder taste that is completely dry, crisp, clean and refreshing.

Fermented with a wild yeast and lightly filtered, it delivers a unique blend of both floral and fruity notes, with a smooth carbonation and tart finish.

Produced from organic heritage apples from our estate orchards and aged for over 9 months, this unique cyder is made for sharing and connecting you and yours with the natural beauty of our environment, earth, mind and body.

Per 473ml can:

  • 5.8% abv.
  • 188 calories
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 2 grams of carbs

New! Extra Dry All-Natural


Empire is the driest amongst the Duntroon Cyder House line-up, possessing a rich, clean, pleasantly refreshing taste. Following in the footsteps of the Net Zero & Hazy Daze cyders, it is also sugar free, with a delicately fruity aroma and a refreshing smooth finish.

Made from our Empire heritage apples, then polish filtered and aged for over 6 months, this cyder delivers a light straw colour, balanced acidity, light appley notes and a fine pétillante carbonation.

With such an amazingly clean and delectably natural taste, this cyder will have you believing you are biting into an Empire apple with every sip!

Per 473ml can:

  • 5.5% abv.
  • 176 calories
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 2 grams of carbs

Seasonal All-Natural

Small Batch Fine Cyders

Shaker Hill Blush – Dry- 6% ABV

A luxurious pink fine apple cyder with a naturally beautiful appearance that is only surpassed by its dry rose’ style deliciousness. Its dry, crisp, wine-like sharpness approaches with notes of strawberry, fresh apple and citrus, leaving a refreshed palette and velvety soft tannin mouth feel that yearns for more. This cyder is the culmination of red-fleshed French, English and Ontario heritage apples that are hand-picked and blended with care to deliver a most memorable cyder experience.

SUMAC – Dry- 5.8% ABV

An organic apple cyder, made from our own Ontario heritage apples and infused with real Sumac that flourishes throughout our estate, this is a cyder to try. It’s dry, citrus taste, with fresh floral esters, beautiful velvety tannins and a crisp, elegant finish create a unique and delectable experience that connects the cyder drinker with the beauty (and taste) of nature.

Two Parish Perry – Dry – 6.6% ABV

A classic English style perry in every sense of the word, this is a medium, lightly sparkling pear cyder, straw like in colour, well balanced on the palate with subtle fruit tannin qualities and delicate fruit aromas. Our carefully handled pears yield fruitiness and pear drop notes that will excite your senses and suddenly have you falling in love with this special sip of Duntroon orchard delights.

Bittersweet Symphony – Dry – 6% ABV

A symphony of our French and English bitter-sweet, bitter-sharp and Ontario heritage apples, carefully blended to create a very tradition English cyder with a delicious golden fruity complexity, dryness and full body that finishes with velvety tannins that will delight your palette. Bittersweet Symphony is a favourite with our experienced cyder customers, expanding their depth and range of fine Ontario ciders. This cyder imparts a glimpse into the indulgences that our unique Southern Georgian Bay micro-climate, agriculture and produce has to offer.