Organic & Local

A Farm First

Duntroon Cyder House begins with its attachment to nature and sustainability. We continuously reiterate our mission of working with only premium ingredients and traditional methods to produce a premium, authentic product.

But did you know this mission stems directly from our mission as a working organic farm?

The truth is that without the farm and it’s principles, our cyder may not have ever come into existence.

To understand where we are today, you must understand the journey to get here.

Farm at heart

Dunridge Farms

Purchased in 2002 by the Schneider Family, Dunridge Farms is a product of love for the environment and a desire for real, sustainable change.

After purchasing the 108 acre property, the farm & soil was left to be managed organically for several years before planting officially begun in 2013.

Today, with the support of a dedicated team, the farm and it’s orchards are all maintained organically and in an eco-friendly, sustainable fashion, boasting harvests of garlic, corn, tomatoes, apples, pears and more!

The mission of the farm remains the same: to supply the local community with organic offerings they can feel good about eating while preserving the land from which it is sowed.

Farmer to Fermenter

The Evolution

It wasn’t until 2015 that Duntroon Cyder House was officially born.

After travelling throughout the UK for a number of years previous, owners Tim & Kimberly Schneider longed for the premium taste of the traditional English cyder they had come to know and love. With no offerings like it on the market, they decided it was time to translate the mission of the farm into one of cyder.

While living abroad, Tim had spent some time training with a renowned French Cyder Master in the art of traditional cyder-making, and with that training in tow, Duntroon Cyder made it’s initial debut to friends and family in 2016. It wasn’t long before it hit the LCBO shelves and became a mainstay in the area.

Today, Duntroon Cyder House has a large team that is dedicated to the mission of producing and selling an extraordinary premium cyder experience to it’s customers.

It is as a result of our elevated farm practices that we create a bond with the earth.

From this bond comes the premium taste exuded in all our products.